Impact of climate change on the movement of trucks

Though we might not be able to explain how exactly climate would make an impact over transportation, it has already been noticed that climate is actually showing an impact over all the industries. Usually, the roads are constructed in such a way that they would have a life span of 50 years. But with the drastic and unpredicted changes in the climate, the roads might not last long. The Hurricanes and storms would actually create a great impact on our livings.

Extreme weather conditions would damage the roads while reducing the life span of them. This might increase the construction and repair of the roads which might lead to slow traffic movement. Due to heat, it might even create potholes which might due to the expansion of pavement. Floods would also have a great impact especially over the coastal areas where there is an increase in the sea level. There are several challenges which the transportation sector should make sure to deal with for which they need to examine the various changing climatic conditions and respond accordingly.

Challenges faced by the truck industry:

•    Fuel prices to rise: we have got the trucks which are more fuel efficient than ever. It would be possible to reduce the fuel costs when the companies are able to replace the fuel in the truck with the solar panels.

•    A new approach in supply chain management: the truck industry should try to work on sustainability and be prepared for any kind of emergencies from climatic changes and respond accordingly.

Way to deal with climatic changes according to the transport department:

•    Create a vision – Be prepared for any severe flooding.

•    Set goals and objectives – Having sustainable roads, increased efficiency of fuel etc.

•    Have alternative plans – as weather is always unpredictable it’s always better to have plan B.

•    Monitoring system – through data analytics it is now possible for you to monitor everything efficiently.

Require more training:

The trucking industry should be regulated and try to implement any type of change in order to sustain the changes in climate. For example, climate change tracking support must be needed for truckers. Though it might just be a program you should know how to handle and respond during unexpected climatic conditions. Depending on the varying weather conditions of each place they might have their own standards and requirements. Transport industry people are working with climate scientists so as to minimize the impact of climatic conditions on the movement of trucks.

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