Safety Rules to be followed while riding a bike

One of the best ways to stay fit and healthy is by riding bicycling on a regular basis. It’s the best mode of transport which is free from all kinds of gases and a way to reduce pollution too and helps to save a lot of money. But the fact is that these bicycle riders need to share the road with the other automobile vehicles. While the number of deaths and accidents caused to bicyclists has increased to a great extent it’s essential to make sure to follow all the safety precautions.

Though there are several benefits which you get out of bicycling, it has highly hazardous to the riders. According to the injury facts, bicycle incidents have increased by 285% from the year 2010 to 2016. The maximum deaths which have been caused due to accidents are the bicyclists while riding. These bicycle-related deaths increase to a great extent during the summer season.

Follow these simple rules to avoid the accident –

Wear helmet:

A statistics has shown that cyclists who wear a helmet would reduce the risk of head injuries up to 60% and the brain injuries to 58% as the head is the most delicate part with just skull and skin. Head injuries are really dangerous as it might even lead to an individual’s fatal condition. The helmets which you have should meet the Federal safety standards and you should see it to that it would fit perfectly and securely.

Rules to keep you safe:

•    Be aware of the traffic rules and ensure to follow the same rules as that of motorists.

•    Ride in a single line and in the direction of the traffic and look for any kind of hazards.

•    You should know the capabilities of your bike.

•    While turning make sure to use hand signals and be extra careful at intersections.

•    When riding at night wear reflective clothes.

•    Look for traffic on all the sides and then start riding.

•    Make sure that your bike has the reflectors over the pedals, spokes, rear, front etc.

•    It is recommended to have a horn, rearview mirror as well as the bright headlight.

•    You should never hitch into cars.

•    It is even advised to wear bright clothes while riding during the day time.

By following these simple bicycle riding rules over the road, you can keep yourself safe.

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